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Domain Name Fully Explain

domain name explain

Domain Name: In today’s blog, we will discuss the domain. We often buy domains from different companies. But after purchasing the domain, we are cheated at other times. Or purchasing a domain, we get into all sorts of trouble. So in today’s blog, I will try to discuss the domain in detail with you. Today’s blog will discuss what a domain is, how it works, where to buy from and renew. So if you want to know more about the domain, you can read the whole blog carefully.

Domain Name:

The Domain is a name. The name we search in our browser to find different websites. Carries the identity of any website with the domain. We can easily find any website through its domain name. However, even if only the name means it has many more ancillary issues, we will know in detail below. The domain of the website you are reading this blog on is

This is a domain name. In the same way, if you create a website, you have to choose a name like this. That name will be your domain name. However, when you search by typing the domain name with the browser, the domain name will be preceded by HTTPS and the next .com. So here’s what HTTPS and .com are actually. This time we will know about it since techbd420 is our domain. So the first two and the next two are extensions. This time we will learn about those two extensions.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the Hypertext transfer protocol secure. When you search by typing a domain name in a browser, the browser will automatically take HTTPS before that domain name because it is given by browser default. HTTPS encrypts data between your browser and the website, encrypting your data via SSL. So any of your data is secure. If HTTPS is written there, you can see the green lock icon. When you click there, the text Connection is secure will appear.

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What is HTTP?

HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol where there is no specific level.
When you visit different websites, you will see that HTTP is only HTTP instead of HTTPS when clicking on the lock icon next to HTTP. You will know that it is written Connection is not secure. So your data on the website is not safe. If there is HTTPS at the beginning of a blog or website, then assume that the website has SSL encrypted. That way, the website is safe for you. I hope you understand the details about HTTP and HTTPS.
We often start with www when we visit different websites. www means world-wide-web. Before we enter any website, we have www before the website’s domain name. But at present, we do not use www before any website. However, there is no obligation to use www before the domain name. You can use it if you want. You can’t use it if you want. There is no problem in this case.

What is a subdomain?

When an additional part is given before the name of a domain, it is called a subdomain. For example, the primary field of the blog you are reading is Before that, if we give News. Teched then News here is a subdomain. In the same way, you can subdomain from any domain. We can do this kind of work in our immediate environment. We can do the same thing with the subdomain. However, we must add subdomains before the main domain. The central part of a domain is the domain name. And the amount you give before that is the subdomain of that domain. You can create subdomains for yourself or your organization with any name.

Domain Extensions:

Any domain has a specific extension at the end. Because no domain is complete without wings. For example, the website you are visiting has .com written at the end of this website. Dotcom is an extension here. Many types of extensions are currently in vogue. I have named several extensions below.
1. (.com)
2. (.net)
3. (.org)
4. (.xyz)
5. (.info)
The above mentioned are the names of several popular extensions. There are also many more extensions.

Why used domain?

Now we will know what domain is helpful to us. We visit thousands of websites in our browsers every day. The question is, how do you see if you want to visit a specific website. To call that website, you must know the website’s domain name or the IP address. This is precisely why we use domain names. If you have an organization, you will buy a domain in the organization’s name. When someone searches for a domain name in a browser, they can easily find your organization. This is precisely what you will use the domain for.

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For example, if you type techbd420 in a browser, you will find it on my website. In the same way, every organization or individual uses a specific domain name to see their organization very quickly. Because you can only use a domain name once, there will never be two domains with the same name.
We will know how many types of domains.
There are different types of domains in terms of usage. Below I describe several types of domains. You can read them if you want.
1. TLD Domain- Top Level domain
2. gTLD Domain- Generic Top Level domain
3. SLD Domain- Sub Level domain
4. CCTLD domain- Country Code Top Level Domain.

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Buy the domain:

We will buy domains to create our website or blog site. If we have an organization, we will accept a unique domain in the name of that organization. The biggest thing here is that once you register a domain with that name, no one else in the world will be able to write a domain with that name. Only you can use the domain with that name. That’s why we keep the domains in our words. Then with that domain, we can create websites for our different organizations, blog sites, or websites.
Now we will know how we can buy a domain. You can buy domains by registering from different domain hosting companies. Currently, there are many companies in Bangladesh from where you can purchase domains through bKash, cash, rocket. There are also many international sites from which you can buy domains. I have given the names of several companies below. You can easily purchase domain hosting from these sites. I will also discuss the best domain hosting companies in another blog later.

Domain Expire:

Now we will know how the domain expires. How long after expiration. The domains we buy are usually registered for one year. Various domain providers give us these domains. Each company registers our domains for one year when we write a domain. If you do not renew your domain precisely one year later, that domain will expire. Then anyone else will be able to re-register your domain.

If you renew any domain before it expires, that domain will never expire. This way, you can use Lifetime. However, when you buy a domain, you must see whether it is an expired domain or not. Because if someone has already used one of the domains, then if you have re-registered the used domain, you may face various problems. Suppose the previous registered has done any illegal work with that domain. So, of course, before buying a domain, you have to be very careful to buy a domain.

Domain renewal system:

When we buy a domain, they give us the domain for a certain period. Usually, any domain is registered for one year. So we have to renew the domain again at the end of that one year. For example, if you buy a domain from a company for 850 rupees for one year. No one else will be able to buy your domain. You will have to renew this after one year. If you do not continue, anyone can re-register your domain. This way, you can lose your hobby domain. So it would help if you renewed the domain. You will apply to the company from which you purchased the domain to continue as soon as the time expires. They will then restore your domain.

Domain Trademark:

A trademark is the purchase of a domain with a license. Many large organizations buy their domains by licensing them. No one else can buy a domain with the same name. For example, if we think of Facebook, This domain but type extension can be purchased by anyone else. If someone buys such a domain, then Facebook can sue him. He may have to go to court for this. Or he could be fined. So you must be careful before buying a domain. Whether the part you want to buy has a trademark purchase by an organization. So be sure to be cautious before buying a domain in the name of any famous company.

Domain Security:

Before you buy a domain from any company, you must know the status of that company. You will try to buy a part from any good company. Because if your favorite domain is hacked for some reason, you can not bring that domain. So try to buy a domain from a good quality company.

Domain transfer:

When we buy a domain from a company, we often need to transfer the domain from that company. For example, if the service from the company from which we took the domain is not good, we want to move our domain to another good company. Most companies offer this facility. So before you buy any domain, you must know whether the company will provide the facility for the domain transfer. If, for some reason, they do not transfer your domain. But even if you want to, you can’t move your domain to another good company. So you must be careful about this in advance.
Now we will know why to buy your domain.
We buy domains for three main reasons. For example, for your blog, for your organization, for or sale.

For the blog:

If you like writing, if you like blogging, you can buy a good quality domain in the name of your blog. Then you can create your blog site through that domain and earn money by blogging. I will discuss in detail later how to make money by blogging. But today, I want to say that you can earn money from Google Adsense by blogging.

For the organization:

If you have an organization, you can buy a domain in that organization name. This will allow you to create a good-quality website for your organization. Your organization’s customers will be able to communicate with you through your website. Your organization will be able to collect any information from your website.

Domain sale:

In addition, many people buy domains to sell. Like you bought a perfect quality domain. Can sell many of these domains with good unique names in different marketplaces. Suppose you buy 800 rupees. After purchase, you can sell that domain in other markets up to 2000 3000 or 10 thousand Tk. There have been several markets for selling parts. I have given below the names of some of these markets.
1. Flippa
2. Sedo
3. Godaddy

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If you want to do domain business, you can buy and sell domains in those markets. But in this case, you have to keep one thing in mind. It would help if you bought a perfect quality domain.
Before buying a domain, you must buy a two to the three-word domain. If you can buy a two to three-word domain, then that domain’s demand is much higher. You can sell these for millions of rupees. If a company is formed with this name, then that company can buy that domain from you for lakhs of rupees. It would help if you also looked for good extensions to buy a domain. Domains with extensions such as .com, .net, .org are in high demand.
Domains with such extensions are in high demand.
Today I have tried to discuss the domain in detail with you. I will discuss hosting with you later. Because when you buy a domain, you must buy hosting to build a website. No one will find your website without hosting. So you need to purchase hosting to make your domain live. Thanks, everyone.

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