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How To Recognize Real Or Fake Phone Easily

How To Recognize Real Or Fake Phone Easily

How To Recognize Real Or Fake Phone Easily: In this age of information technology, people cannot be found without smartphones. Almost everyone uses a smartphone. But in line with technology, fraudsters cheat us. We are often fooled by buying smartphones. Many fraudsters provide fake smartphones. They sell counterfeit smartphones along with genuine ones. As a result, we purchased fake smartphones without realizing it. However, if you pay attention to several things, you will recognize counterfeit smartphones.

In today’s post, I will discuss recognizing a fake smartphone. If you read today’s position in its entirety, you will quickly remember counterfeit smartphones. By doing this, you can avoid cheating. Because in the digital age, fraudsters also use digital methods. You can’t quickly tell if the phone you are using is real or fake. So there are some things that you can know about your phone if you notice. If your phone is genuine, then, of course, you can understand that too. So if you don’t want to be cheated by buying a smartphone, read today’s entire blog. Can recognize the real smartphone in different ways. These are discussed in detail.

Fresh Screen:

How To Recognize Real Or Fake Phone Easily: The aesthetics of the screen are continually significant. Because it’s straightforward to tell the difference between a real and a fake phone. The original phone’s screen is bright and clear. However, if the display is soiled, this phone is almost certainly a forgery. So before buying any phone, take a good look at the screen. Don’t buy a phone without looking good.

Checking The exterior design:

Before taking any, look at the phone’s exterior because fake telephones can have many problems. Counterfeit phones are not released on the market after much testing. The most obvious place to identify a phony phone is the exterior design. The cloning model does not have as many solid and muslin buttons as the original model. Controls are often misplaced. The screen may also look adulterated. Also, looking at the camera housing arouses suspicion in mind. But there are still many phones that are called master copies. Looking at the exterior design of these master copy phones, it is not clear whether it is fake or not. This phone is not well understood without using Guru. Only then will the fake phone be understood when you start using it.

Check the back logo before buying the phone. Most phones have a branding logo. If you see the logo is vague and uneven after purchasing the phone, you have bought something wrong. Because the symbol of the original phone will never be inconsistent, you must pay attention to the logo before purchasing the phone.

Checking Phone Camera:

How To Recognize Real Or Fake Phone Easily: Be sure to check the camera’s position and power button before buying the phone. On fake phones, the camera, phone buttons, and even the location of the logo are often not in the right place. Because these phones are not checked properly, that mistake is not corrected in many cases if something goes wrong on the phone. Gives ideas about real and fake phones. These are set in such a position on any actual Android phone. So that everyone has continuity with each other. The big weak point of fake phones is the camera. Clone phones’ cameras are of inferior quality.

So don’t think it’s a phony phone just because the photo quality is poor. Go to the original phone’s website to determine how many megapixels the phone’s camera has and how many camera sensors it has. Then browse online to see what photo samples of the phone’s real camera look like. After that, compare them to your phone. If the photo resolution recorded on your phone from web photos is less than half as terrible as the original, you’ve got a fake phone. So before buying a phone, take charge of the camera.

Checking the IMEI number:

When checking any phone, the IMEI number is very crucial. To determine whether your phone is genuine or counterfeit, look up its IMEI number. It is impossible to guarantee that your phone will be genuine. Because can now duplicate IMEI numbers on Android phones, as a result, the IMEI number of the phony phone may likewise be fake. However, should double-check the IMEI number. Check your IMEI number by dialing * # 06 # on your phone.

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If you wish to double-check when buying a new phone, the IMEI code is printed on a sticker on one side of the box. Most phone boxes have an IMEI number written on the label. Check your IMEI number on the website. With the help of the IMEI number, you can see the phone’s model name. If the IMEI number matches, you can assume the phone is a forgery. So, when you buy a phone, make sure to check the IMEI number. Purchasing a phone will make you a lot safer.

Phone Features:

Also, check using the phone manually whether the phone has all kinds of settings. You can know all the phone features from the original phone’s website. Then compare all the phone features with the website and see what features are mentioned there. Then see if your Android phone has all the features. Check if the latest original phone has the exact specifications. This way you can check your phone.

Install the CPU Z software:

How To Recognize Real Or Fake Phone Easily: You can install the CPU Z app to check for a fake phone. This program allows you to examine your phone’s processor, CPU, and hardware. Counterfeit phones are typically equipped with low-quality CPUs. As a result, the phone’s features should be compared to those listed on the official website. Install the CPU Z app on your phone to accomplish this. This app will give you an impression of the phone’s processor and low-quality software.

This software allows you to monitor the phone’s performance. You may examine the hardware details of your phone by installing the app and going to the CPU and GPU area of your phone. In addition to the phone’s processor, RAM, you can see the resolution information through this app. So you can try using this app on your phone. I hope you get a lot of ideas about your phone.

Warning before buying a phone:

1. Must buy a phone from an authorized showroom dealer.
2. You have to collect the warranty paper because you will not give it if it is not the original phone.
3. Also, keep a cash memo of Murom for those who will buy the phone from the start.
4. Try to buy a phone from a familiar store.
5. When buying a phone from an unofficial shop, you must turn on the phone
If you pay attention to the issues I have discussed today, I hope you will not admit to cheating on the phone.

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