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Will connect WhatsApp to the desktop without the internet even if the mobile does not have internet

WhatsApp will be connected to the desktop without the internet

Will connect Whatsapp to the desktop without the internet. Now WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in the world. Nowadays, WhatsApp users are increasing day by day all over the world. WhatsApp is very popular nowadays for private messaging. WhatsApp is also making users attractive for the new features of WhatsApp. Audio calls, video calls, messaging, and will make group calls through WhatsApp. Also, private messaging is going to be very easy. That is why the number of WhatsApp users is increasing day by day. Today I will discuss with you a new update of WhatsApp. A new update has been brought to the desktop version of WhatsApp. As a result, even if the mobile phone does not have an internet connection, you can use WhatsApp on the desktop.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a famous private messaging app. One can send personal messages to another. can connect audio and video calls. WhatsApp also has the facility to open private groups. Multiple people can join the WhatsApp group at once. Currently, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are under the three social media meta. That’s why the popularity of WhatsApp is growing a lot nowadays. It is also effortless to open a WhatsApp account. Can open WhatsApp accounts only by using a mobile number. One can find another using a mobile number. For example, if you want to message someone on WhatsApp, you can find their WhatsApp ID by searching with their phone number. Then can do any problem messaging on WhatsApp.

There are currently two versions of WhatsApp. The two versions are discussed below.

WhatsApp Personal Account:

If you want to use the WhatsApp personal account, you need to install the WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store. Then you can create an account with anyone’s mobile number. But almost all of us use Imo. In Imo, you can open an account with only one mobile number. In the same way, you can open an account on WhatsApp using only one mobile number. Then you can adjust the settings with your name and profile photo.

WhatsApp Business Account:

There is currently another new app for the WhatsApp business account in the Google Play Store. With this app, you can open an account for any business organization. There are many more benefits to a business account than a WhatsApp personal account. If you have an organization, you can create a business account in the name of that organization. Then you can catalog different products from that account. You can sell any of your products.

There is an opportunity to sell such products on Facebook. WhatsApp has now allowed selling products through a business account. For this, you need to download the WhatsApp Business App from the Play Store. Then you have to take into account all the information about your business. You can quickly sell any of your products through your WhatsApp Business Account. You can show your products to any customer. The advantage is that you can’t get on a WhatsApp personal account.

WhatsApp Desktop version:

Many of us use WhatsApp on our computers. Download the desktop version of the computer to use WhatsApp. But the problem is you can’t use WhatsApp directly from the computer. For this, you need to have WhatsApp connected to your phone. Only use WhatsApp on the desktop if your phone is connected to WhatsApp. You can join by scanning the QR code on the desktop via your mobile phone. Whenever you want to use WhatsApp, you need to have an internet connection on your phone. If you do not have an internet connection, you will not connect WhatsApp to your desktop. For this, every time you need to join the internet on your mobile and desktop. Only then will you be able to use WhatsApp on the desktop.

WhatsApp New Update:

Will connect WhatsApp to the desktop without the internet: WhatsApp has recently brought a new update for desktop users. Before, if you wanted to use WhatsApp on the desktop, you had to have an internet connection on your mobile. But as a result of this update, even if there is no internet on mobile, you can use WhatsApp on desktop. This way, you can use WhatsApp for up to 14 days by connecting once. You must first connect via mobile before use. If you can join once through mobile, you don’t have to communicate until the next 14 days. If your mobile is not connected to WhatsApp, you can still use it on the desktop. That feature was not previously available in the desktop version of WhatsApp. As a result, desktop users have benefited a lot from using WhatsApp.

The phone currently being used from WhatsApp will work even if the phone is not active. This way, your WhatsApp will be effective for 14 consecutive days. At this time you only need to have the internet on your computer. If you do not log out of the computer, your WhatsApp account will be automatically logged out after 14 days. WhatsApp says that once you link WhatsApp to the web with your mobile, WhatsApp will work on the website even if you keep your mobile device away. Even if you don’t have the internet on your mobile, you can use WhatsApp through the desktop. However, this feature may not be available on some older phone versions. In this way, You will maintain every message and call and all other privacy.

How to get this update:

It would help if you connected WhatsApp to the desktop from your mobile phone to benefit. For this, first, open the WhatsApp app on the smartphone. Now go to WhatsApp of the smartphone and click on the three dots at the top right. Then click on ‘Linked Devices’ from the menu. Then click on ‘Multi-Device Beta’ below. This will open a new page. Details of what benefits will be available in this system will be written. Then click on ‘Join Beta’ and tap on the ‘Continue’ button. Now open any browser of your computer. Go to the browser and search by typing Once again, after opening the WhatsApp website, you will see the QR code.

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Now scan the QR code through your mobile phone, and you will be connected. After scanning the QR code, the WhatsApp account on your mobile will connect to the computer. If you do not log out of the computer, you can use up to 14 days. WhatsApp will be automatically disconnected from your desktop if you do not use it for 14 consecutive days. After connecting to mobile, you will not need an internet connection on your mobile. Even if your mobile internet connection is off, you can easily use WhatsApp on the desktop.

Download WhatsApp:

Will connect WhatsApp to the desktop without the internet: If you have not downloaded WhatsApp on your mobile or computer, you need to download and use it. If you want to use it on mobile, you can download it from Google Play. Open the Play Store app on your phone. Then go to the search bar and search by typing WhatsApp. If you search by typing WhatsApp, you will get this app. Then you can easily install the WhatsApp app from there.
If you want to use it on a computer, go to any browser and type “download WhatsApp,” You will get the website of WhatsApp. Then from there, you can download the WhatsApp software to the computer. When WhatsApp is downloaded to your computer, you can install it like all other apps. First, double-click on the EXE file. Then you Will install WhatsApp on your computer like all other apps. You can also use WhatsApp through any browser you want. As a result, you do not need to download any software when using the browser. You have to connect WhatsApp to your browser.

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