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YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022

YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022

YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022: In the previous blog, I gave you ideas about several ways to earn money online. In that episode, I also told you about YouTube. However, I said not everything in one post as it was difficult to write everything in detail. So in today’s post, we will discuss YouTube in detail. Read this post today if you want to know more about making money from YouTube. Because in today’s post, we will discuss everything about YouTube. Today’s post will discuss how to open a YouTube channel, which category of videos to upload, how to upload videos, how to get paid, etc. If you want to make money from youtube, read the whole blog. If you’ve read the entire blog, hopefully, you won’t have any more problems with YouTube. Below is a discussion about everything about YouTube.

What is YouTube?

There is nothing new to say about YouTube. We all know about YouTube. People who don’t use smartphones at the moment can’t be found. So almost everyone who has a smartphone uses YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Where people can share videos and get entertained by watching videos. YouTube is a video-sharing platform powered by Google. Currently, the most popular YouTube for entertainment. In addition, YouTube is now the most popular source of income for video publishers. Just as publishers make money from YouTube, so do its users.

YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022:

Now we will know how to make money from youtube. You will need a YouTube channel to make money from YouTube. All the videos we watch on YouTube have to be managed from different YouTube channels. If you have a YouTube channel, you can earn money by uploading videos to that channel. YouTube is currently popular all over the world. So different companies advertise on YouTube. Most companies promote their products through YouTube. Who pays publishers 51 percent of the money that YouTube takes from advertisers? The remaining 49 percent is left to YouTube. If you want to make money from YouTube, you need to work as a publisher. It would help if you used Google Adsense to work as a publisher on YouTube. We see a lot of ads when we play videos from YouTube.

The ads in the middle of the video are advertisements of different companies. The company pays Google to promote its products. Google pays publishers for that payment. For example, the ads shown in your YouTube channel’s video will earn money from YouTube in return for showing that ad. In this way, YouTube builds a good relationship between publishers and advertisers. As a result, publishers benefit from making videos. Publishers can make money by creating videos.

How to get started:

To make money from YouTube, you first need to create a YouTube channel. But before starting a YouTube channel, you need to select the video category. You can create videos of any sort because you can make videos on YouTube that you can do very well. But you also have to keep in mind which videos people like the most. It is possible to make a lot of money from the videos people like the most. Because the more people watch your channel’s videos, the more likely you are to make money. But YouTube will not give you any money on top of the views.

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YouTube will pay you based on the ad shown in your video. However, if your video has more views, the chances of seeing the ad will be much higher. So you have to create a YouTube channel with two things in mind. The type of video people like and the kind of video you can make. You need to create a YouTube channel with these two things in mind. Below I have discussed several YouTube video categories for you. If you want, you can know better about this category. This allows you to quickly decide which type of video you want to make.

Educational Channel:

Many of us want to do something other than teaching. But they can create an educational channel on YouTube if they want. You can create videos on YouTube on the subject you are teaching. At present, almost everyone has a smartphone. So students also like to learn through YouTube videos. If you can teach something very well, people will watch your videos. For example, if you know English very well, you can create a channel to teach English. You can teach English to people through your medium. This way, you can create a channel to prepare well.

Technology Channel:

YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022: If you have a lot of knowledge about IT, you can also make videos on these topics. You can share various information technology topics through your channel. Like mobile, computers can also share reviews of different electronics products. You can also make videos with multiple problems of mobile and computer. There are a lot of people with these kinds of videos. Like you solved a computer problem and made a video of it. If anyone has the same problem, you can watch the videos by searching YouTube. Because nowadays, people search on Google or YouTube for any situation. So if you make videos with different technical issues, you will get a lot more views on your video. In this case, you must provide the correct information. If you don’t know much about IT, you can’t create such a channel.

Comedy Channel:

You need to create a video showing your face to create this channel. It would help if you made entertaining videos on different topics. Make humorous videos on various topics. If you are an entertainer and a comedian, you can create a comedy channel. These types of videos are much more viral. So there is a possibility of earning a lot more from these channels.

Film and Animation:

We watch various dramas and movies. Drama movies are usually made in such categories. You can create this type of channel if you invest a lot more. You will need a lot more people to make this kind of video. Even a team of 5-10 people can create such channels on a small scale. If you want to do it on a large scale, you have to build a team in a costly way. Then you can make different dramas or movies.

Gaming Channel:

You can open a gaming channel if you like to play games. You can stream various games live through gaming channels. Gaming channels are much more popular nowadays. Most people nowadays spend time playing games on their smartphones. So you can create a gaming channel if you like fun.

News and Politics:

Various TV and newspaper channels produce videos in this category. You can also create a personal news channel if you want. For example, you can collect news from different magazines and make short videos through them. Many channels contain information from national newspapers and make videos. You can create such news channels by collecting screenshots from different national magazines. However, you cannot use any video directly from any other channel on your channel. If you use videos from another drain on your channel, your channel will have copyright issues.

People and blogs

Blog channels are viral these days. Most people create blog channels. This type of channel allows you to create videos on various everyday topics. The videos you upload are uploaded to the blog channel. If you want to create and upload videos on different daily life issues, you can create a blog channel. Such tapes are recorded only through mobile phones. Videos from such channels are uploaded directly via live video using selfie cameras.

Travel & Events:

Can easily create travel channels for people who love to travel. If you travel a lot, you can videotape them. You will be able to upload those videos later. Many regularly visit different places of interest. Everything in that place is videotaped as a memory. If you have traveled to other sites like this, you can video them and upload them to your channel. Travel-loving people enjoy videos from this type of channel.

Music Channel:

Music songs are usually uploaded to music channels. You can record them and upload them to your channel if you like singing. Also, if you can sing a lot better, you can create a video with that song and upload it to your channel. There are currently many channels that upload music videos. You can also create a channel to upload such a music video.

Pats and Animals:

We see many channels on YouTube that make videos about animals. They collect these animals and birds from different forests and upload them. If you are interested in these topics, you can create channels in this category. You can also create videos of other animals and birds from anywhere in your neighborhood and upload them. Many people like this kind of video. So these videos get a lot of views.

Entertainment Channel:

YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022: You can open an entertainment channel if you are thinking of earning a lot more. Because most people use YouTube for entertainment, there are many videos available in these videos. It is possible to earn a lot more from these channels. A team of 4-5 people can create an entertainment channel. For example, you can make short videos with your various friends. You can create many educational videos and upload them to the track. Also, you can create multiple entertaining videos and upload them to your channel. You can easily earn money from your gutter due to many such videos.

How to open a channel:

Now we will know how to create a YouTube channel. You must have a Gmail account before you can create a YouTube channel. You must first create a Gmail account from Google. Then log in to YouTube via your mobile or computer. You can log in to YouTube via Gmail. Then click on Create Channel from your profile. Then you can create a channel with the name of your channel. Now verify the medium with your mobile number. Also, check all the settings of the medium. Check all the settings according to your needs. Then your job is to upload videos to regular channels. Below I discuss with you how to upload and create videos.

Video Creation:

Now we will know how to create videos for youtube. You can create videos for YouTube in different ways. If you want to create an entertainment channel, you must first capture the video via camera or mobile. Then you have to edit and upload that video properly. If it is a technology channel, you can create a screen recording video of mobile or computer. If you make a skin recording video on your mobile, you will edit those videos first. There is a lot of software for video editing.

The most popular of these are Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia. These two are premium software, and you can’t use this software for free. If you want to do video editing for youtube for free, you can use the shortcut software for your computer. You can also use Kinemaster software if you’re going to do video editing for mobile. You can use Kinemaster software for mobile for free. However, the accessible version of Kainmaster Watermark will be in your video. Now you have to upload the video after editing your video in the right way.

YouTube Video Upload:

YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022: You need to do several things before uploading videos to YouTube. First, you need to create video titles, tags, descriptions. You have to write the label on the topic you have made the video. Then you have to select the marker on the same issue. You will be the first to write video titles and tags on any Notepad. Then write a description for your video. Try to write details about yourself in the report. You can also provide different contact information if you want. Upload the video after registering everything correctly.

Open your channel to upload videos. Then you will see the video upload icon at the very top. Click on that icon to upload the video you created. Then enter the title, description, and tags in the video correctly. After giving everything perfectly, you will see the video upload settings correctly. Once your video is fully uploaded, click Publish button to publish the video. You can also post the video in private mode if you wish. You can also schedule videos. Like you want your video to be published in two hours. Then you can plan and publish your video in two hours. This way, you can schedule and post your video at any time.

YouTube Monetization:

The most important thing to monetize YouTube is YouTube monetization. Now I will try to know everything about YouTube monetization. Your channel will start earning money only when your channel monetization is on. Your channel needs to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to turn on YouTube monetization. If you can complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours in the last year, then your channel can apply for monetization.

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If your video has no copyright and no problem with your channel, YouTube will turn monetization on your track. From then on, your video will start earning. There will be no revenue from your channel before monetization is turned on. But regular ads will be shown in your videos even before monetization because now all kinds of video ads are displayed on YouTube. But monetization is the only way to make money. To get YouTube monetization, you must upload videos following all the rules of YouTube.

How to get payment:

YouTube Income Guide Step By Step 2022: Payment is made from YouTube through Google Adsense. You need to create an AdSense account when you apply for monetization. You can see the revenue from your YouTube channel from the AdSense account. Address verification will be required when you complete 10 in your account. Google will send you a PIN. You can verify your address with that PIN. Then you can then add a bank account to your account. You can take payment from YouTube in any bank account. Payment will be made to the bank from YouTube when 100 is credited to your account. Prices are usually made from YouTube on the 15th of each month. Will make payment to your account 15 days after the month in which 100 is completed.
Friends, today I have tried to discuss with you in detail about making money from YouTube. I hope you found out all about YouTube in today’s post. Start today if you want to make money by creating a YouTube channel. Because nowadays, most people are earning a lot more from YouTube. You, too, can start earning money from YouTube if you want. But you must have the patience to work on YouTube. Because from YouTube but you can not make it from the first day. You can earn money from your channel when monetization is complete. So, of course, you have to work patiently until you get monetization.

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