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YouTube New Feature Update For Android & IOS 2022

YouTube New Feature Update For Android & IOS 2022

YouTube New Feature Update For Android & IOS 2022: We are all familiar with YouTube. Everyone who uses a smartphone uses YouTube. We currently spend our leisure time watching videos on YouTube. The most popular medium for watching videos is YouTube. YouTube is an organization of Google. Any company regularly works for the convenience of the users. Google is no exception. Google is periodically updating youtube users for their convenience. An essential update of the mobile version has been made on YouTube recently. This interface has been launched for Android and IOS users. In today’s blog, I will discuss this update with you. If you want to know more about YouTube, read today’s entire blog.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Where publishers upload videos. Users also enjoy those videos. Currently, the most popular medium of entertainment is YouTube. YouTube first launched in 2005. Then in 2006, Google bought YouTube. Since then, YouTube has become the most popular. YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing. Publishers can earn money by uploading videos from YouTube. Various companies also advertise their organizations through YouTube.

This is how YouTube manages its business. The publisher pays 51 percent of the amount that YouTube takes from the advertiser and keeps the remaining 49 percent for itself. In this way, YouTube creates a beautiful relationship between publishers and advertisers. You can also work as a publisher on YouTube by creating a YouTube channel. To do this, you first need to create a YouTube channel. Then you need to upload videos to your channel regularly. This way, you can become a partner of YouTube by uploading videos.

YouTube Recent Update:

YouTube New Feature Update For Android & IOS 2022: This time, we’ll talk about YouTube’s most recent new feature. The new YouTube mobile app interface will make it easier to like and dislike videos while watching them in full-screen mode. Viewing comments and sharing videos will also be more convenient than before. When watching movies on fullscreen on Android or iOS in the past, the screen had to be shrunk to see the Like-Dislike, Share, and Add to Playlist buttons. That is to say, they were available after the fullscreen version was released. Many users would be irritated as a result of this. The current design makes the functions easily accessible while watching films in portrait mode. However, there is a complication when watching the fullscreen movie in landscape orientation. In landscape mode, the new UI features are also accessible.
In addition, users can quickly access the video’s comment area when in landscape orientation. If you tap the comment section button under the new design, the comments will appear next to the video. Only when the comment section is opened in portrait mode and later in landscape mode can the comments be shown next to the video player in the current interface.

YouTube App Update:

YouTube New Feature Update For Android & IOS 2022: Those of us who use apps on mobile phones can easily update any app. Whenever our phone’s data connection is on, we see an app update notification. Apps are automatically updated from the Google Play Store if most phones have a WiFi connection. However, if Auto Update is turned off from your settings, your phone’s app will never auto-update. If you see an app update notification on your phone, you need to update the app manually. But if your phone has auto-update on, you never have to wait for the update. Any time the app is updated, it will be automatically updated.

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However, the app will update automatically only if the data connection is on. It is better to keep the auto-update of the phone off. When Auto Update is on, the app update starts. Even if Auto Update is turned on, the app update will begin at any time. This can make your phone work slower. Whenever you get a notification of an app update on your phone, click on that notification. It will then take you directly to the Google Play Store. From there, if you click on write update, the app will start updating. This way, you can easily edit any app on your phone. If you want to enjoy the new features of YouTube, then update this app according to the same rules. Then you can enjoy the unique features of YouTube.
Friends, today I have discussed with you the new features of YouTube. If you want to regularly get such a technology blog, visit my website. I periodically write about technology-related topics on this website. Thanks, everyone.

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